Asset Management

Lance–Kashian & Company is uniquely positioned to help corporate and institutional clients maximize value on their real estate assets. We possess a competitive advantage throughout California’s Central Valley including a strong organizational structure with strong industry capabilities, proven 40 year track record.

With our in-house know-how, we provide the full range of property asset management services, including:

Risk Management
Property Management
Development Services
Leasing & Marketing

We treat each asset as our own and look to maximize the return on investment, not as mere just a service provider. Lance – Kashian & Company has built a good reputation and as an industry leader.

By leveraging over 40 years of knowledge and experience in all areas of real estate, we provide a hands-on method to identifying emerging opportunities, unlocking maximum value, and increasing cost efficiencies in all areas of each real estate asset. Our in-house land development services, leasing, marketing, property management, construction, accounting and legal divisions work in a highly-synchronized operation to provide unrivalled service for our investment partners and clients.

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